The Impact of your donations

$10 - Provide a Meal

Provide a Meal: Your $10 donation ensures a meal for a child during our weekly meetings.

$25 - Fuel Learning

Help cover the costs of essential curriculum materials with a $25 contribution.

$50 - Foster Fun and Growth

Support our mentees' development through engaging games and activities with a $50 donation.

Every Little Counts

Your generous donations to StandOUT Youth Mentoring Program INC. directly contribute to transforming the lives of our youth.

By supporting us, you’re helping us provide a safe and nurturing space at the MI3 Center, where young minds can flourish.

Your contributions ensure that each mentoring session is not only an opportunity for growth but also a chance for kids to enjoy meals and covers the costs of the engaging curriculum that empowers our youth through purposeful activities, setting them on a path towards a brighter future.

Together, we’re building a community where decision-making skills are honed, goals are achieved, and positive change is cultivated.

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Empower Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

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💰 $25 – Provides essential materials for our unique curriculum 

💰 $50 – Funds a mentoring session 

💰 $100 – Funds meals for a mentoring session”