Meet the Founder

Introducing Andrea Gonzales

The innovative Founder and Executive Director of StandOUT Youth Mentoring Program INC. Her profound enthusiasm lies in empowering young minds to break free from conformity, make well-informed decisions, and strive to better themselves. Acknowledging the transformative power of mentorship, she is devoted to guiding today’s youth on their path of change, transformation, growth, and redirecting their passions towards positive change.

Throughout her academic journey, Andrea consistently demonstrated exceptional abilities and was placed in higher-level classes. However, she faced a challenge as her behavior did not align with her academic achievements. With unwavering determination, she harnessed her robust mind and voice, leveraging them to her advantage instead of against her. It was in high school that God led Andrea to experience an incredible turnaround, learning to redirect her energy to self-betterment, securing a job at her school district’s Administrating Building from sophomore year until graduation and wholeheartedly focusing on personal growth. It was during this transformative phase that the God-given seeds of her vision to create a youth program sprouted.

Andrea’s steadfast commitment and imaginative leadership have propelled StandOUT Youth Mentoring Program from a modest after-school initiative to a flourishing nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, slowly becoming a cherished cornerstone within her community. Through her extraordinary journey and experiences, Andrea continues to inspire and uplift countless young lives, leaving a profound impact on generations to come. StandOUT Youth Mentoring Program stands tall as a testament of God’s grace, her fervor, dedication, and unwavering pursuit of fostering change, transformation, and a better future for the youth.

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